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Updated: May 26, 2020

Not loving 2020 so far? You’re not alone. But you can build websites your users will love by plugging into the latest web trends. Check ‘em out.

1. Hardcore Analytics

Probably the most important trend listed, more marketers than ever are investing in advanced tools, platforms and strategies to understand and influence user behavior.

2. AI and Automation

AI, bots and event-triggered interactions are improving sales cycle automation and lowering cost per acquisition.

3. Augmented and VR

Since more users go online via mobile and devices, augmented and VR bring new options for brand engagement.

4. Push Notifications

Annoying? Maybe. But with careful permissions and the rise of mobile these can be helpful to users and profitable to brands.

5. Continued Video

While not new, the trend of video and visual engagement with very little written word communication will continue. Video backgrounds are still big.

6. Voice Interface

More than 100 million Alexa devices have been sold, and online voice integration will inevitably catch on for all types of business.

7. Blockchain Security

While bitcoin is the big sexy star of the blockchain show, this technology will continue to saturate global digital business.


9. Remote Enablement

Post COVID-19, organizations are looking for ways to integrate workflows and touchpoints online in a safe, efficient and no-contact way.

10. Split-Screen Content Zoom-mania has reinforced the normalcy of split-screen content, whether purely functional or merely as a design element.

11. Sourcing Information If you drop facts and numbers, and aren’t the primary source of those numbers, you need to source those facts.

12. Overlapping Design Elements

Depending on the brand, creating more visual depth and interest by using overlapping elements can be a great way to express a brand online.


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