Rely on the Facts Campaign

What happens when products with excellent quantifiable results are introduced to an audience of engineers? Success.

The Task

Fiberglass makes for extremely effective, reliable and long-lasting conduit—but PVC-coated steel and aluminum have long held the title as traditional favorites among engineers and contractors. Champion Fiberglass, a leading supplier of fiberglass conduit to the industrial, electrical and mechanical markets, needed this audience to understand the benefits of its products well enough to change their behavior and begin specing and installing fiberglass.

The Answer

In a nutshell, engineers and contractors needed to be convinced that fiberglass conduit was truly superior to their current material—and what better way to demonstrate superiority than through hard facts? Each of our materials presented a compelling, substantiated statistic regarding how the product outperforms the competition, and led users to the relevant white paper or case study for more.

The Outcome

Our fact-oriented audience easily grasped our point—and proof points—and the results were outstanding. Between 2014 and 2015, Champion Fiberglass enjoyed a 20 percent increase in revenue. As one of two primary marketing efforts over this period, our Rely on the Facts campaign also brought in Google SEM impressions of 12,178,299 with 92,160 clicks, media impressions of 2,949,188 with 2,860 clicks and 58,137 LinkedIn impressions with 1,629 clicks.

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