Thoughtful New Website

Founded in 1912, Rice University is one of the nation’s most prestigious research universities—with big brains always on the forefront of discovery. And in this case, that discovery was the brain itself.

The Task

Rice was pulling together its fledgling neuroengineering department, a new multidisciplinary study that applies electrical engineering concepts to the human brain. Its efforts tackle complex, interconnected challenges; but they needed a simple and smart website to promote the department that could help recruit, hunt for funding and generally get people psyched up about their work.

The Answer

With this adjunct site, we sought to create a more engaging experience reflecting the mystery of the mind. With simple, scrolling navigation and a streamlined information architecture, it supported several critical use-case scenarios for stakeholders in a way that was intuitive and compelling. I mean, we’re talking about the brain here. Visual impact, high-value content and a little imagination were in order.

The Outcome

The site attracted qualified traffic, new talent and funds; supported departmental growth; and became an industry-wide platform for neuroengineering trends and info. Usage quickly spiked to 80,000+ page views with an average visit length of OVER TWO MINUTES, and an average of 39 actions per visit. The site also contributed to the success of dozens of packed-house lectures.

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