Social Media Marketing: Magnum Oil Tools

Magnum Oil Tools needed to connect with qualified buyers on some innovative new products. Part of the push was a fresh, new social campaign.

The Task

Magnum Oil Tools is the nation’s largest independent provider of wellbore isolation technology. The company had developed some new and competitive products, including the Magnum Vanishing Plug™. As part of a larger initiative to promote these new products, the company needed more engagement with social channels. The company specifically wanted better LinkedIn metrics. Magnum’s LinkedIn followers were composed largely of completion engineers qualified to buy.

The Answer

All strong content efforts start with the audience and work outward. Though conventional posts promoting their products continued, and performed very well, Unleaded created a content campaign that promoted interesting trivia surrounding the process of completion and fracking. These posts would then tie back into the bigger brand, or their latest products. It was a give-and-take strategy that traded entertainment for attention.

The Outcome

The resulting “Fracs & Figures” campaign was hugely successful. Audiences appreciated the fun facts—converting into more website traffic. The effort supported the overall brand and product strategies in an interesting and sophisticated way. And it wasn’t just the hundreds of LinkedIn “likes” that mattered; it was the level of engagement with extremely qualified buyers. Magnum also gained new followers over the course of the campaign.

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