New Product Campaign

When the world’s leading independent provider of zonal isolation tools needed to launch a new product, we helped them sell out (in a good way).

The Task

This campaign promoted the company’s innovation and leadership in its niche sector, as well as a revolutionary new product: the world’s first dissolvable frac plug. Magnum carries dozens of zonal isolation tool patents, and the strategy was to leverage their extremely focused innovation in this niche segment to differentiate both the company and this flagship new product, the Magnum Vanishing Plug (MVP).

The Answer

The campaign offered an online timeline of major zonal isolation developments, as well as print ads highlighting the latest new innovation. Tradeshow initiatives at events like DUG Eagle Ford displayed these innovations in person (including a drone giveaway for leads). And the whole campaign was modular—enabling Magnum Oil Tools to swap out the product they’re promoting.

The Outcome

The campaign’s featured product—the MVP—sold out. We can’t take 100 percent credit for that because it’s a great product, but we flooded the website with traffic and the sales department with leads. And in conjunction with tradeshows, more than 100 product sales leads were generated (and still counting). All in a market with super-soft commodity prices.

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