Marketing Program Management: PetroValve

PetroValve helps important industrial facilities find the valves they need to run strong. But first PetroValve buyers need to find them online.

The Task

PetroValve is a Houston-based provider of specialty valves to the energy and industrial sectors. Established and well-respected, further growth demanded bringing more impact and efficiency to the company’s marketing efforts. That meant not only a total rebrand, but also the provision of ongoing marketing support. Part of this support meant optimizing the company’s lackluster search results. Specifically, PetroValve’s site indicated high traffic volume but low conversion.

The Answer

Unleaded’s marketing team discovered that PetroValve’s paid search campaign employed terms that were far too generic. This meant anyone looking for a valve—say, someone involved in DIY plumbing—wound up on their site. And each of these misguided clicks cost the client money. Unleaded reworked the program, deploying more specific terms that qualify site traffic more effectively and generate higher quality leads.

The Outcome

Eliminating the white noise of unqualified traffic slashed the site’s traffic by 50 percent overall. This, naturally, terrified the customer—who was used to seeing inflated numbers. But now site visitors were actually qualified buyers. Bounce rates went from 95% to 31%. Average session duration increased by 200%. Pages per session increased from 2 to 5.5. And, most importantly, web-generated RFQs nearly doubled.

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