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Unleaded is a Houston-based marketing firm known for bringing together smart, talented marketing and creative professionals to deliver award-winning work. For 20 years, we’ve supported our clients through market research, strategy development and marketing program management. We pride ourselves on our ability to solve complex challenges and consistently deliver high-caliber work for our clients.

The Marketing Operations Analyst Role

The Marketing Operations Analyst is responsible for monitoring the technical side of marketing operations to manage promotional campaigns and determine the impact of marketing activities on sales performance. Measure marketing performance and maintain overall system functionality. Measure the effectiveness of campaigns by analyzing the current market trends. Assist the technology team in designing applications that would help the marketing operations to optimize practices and enhance the scope of campaign distribution.


  • • Manage technical aspects of key marketing systems (marketing automation, CRM) used to generate, distribute, and report on leads

  • Establish and maintain scalable processes that ensure best practices in campaign and lead management

  • Create and maintain metrics reports on marketing and sales activities, effectiveness, and business impact

  • Analyze campaign metrics to enhance marketing ROI and increase client satisfaction

  • Proactively explore data to find trends, discover KPIs, and apply proper hypothesis testing. Track the performance of output and take corrective action to increase KPIs

  • Monitor campaigns to optimize performance based on industry best practices

  • Provide recommendations that enhance future campaign performance and measurements

  • Monitoring customer satisfaction with products and services, reporting to the internal team

  • Develop robust KPIs and scorecards for marketing performance monitoring

  • Analyzing data on consumer behavior to identify opportunities for growth in new markets

  • Present analysis and findings to a variety of audiences

  • Evaluate new technologies and add-on applications to improve and optimize marketing team performance

  • Standardize methodology for reporting of ROI for shows and events

  • Analyze, interpret, and report marketing campaign performance, trends analysis, user activity, customer purchasing behavior and other metrics

  • Produce and analyze metrics and reports utilizing business and consumer data in various reporting formats based off internal business client requirements

  • Plan and execute daily, weekly, or monthly campaigns and events analysis to understand where we are tracking based on sales goals and campaign KPIs

  • Automate the flow of lead information from multiple data silos

  • Improve communication between data sources to flow seamlessly with update data, maintaining relevancy and accuracy while improving forecasting capabilities


  • Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Business or a related field

  • 2-3 years of previous working experience as a Marketing Operations Analyst

  • Business acumen

  • Strong problem solving and outstanding analytical skills

  • Familiar with the latest technology in the marketing industry including marketing automation

  • Hands on experience with marketing automation systems

  • Excellent organizational and time management skills

  • Attention to details

  • Fast learner – can achieve power user status on multiple tools quickly

  • Advanced knowledge of Excel/Google Sheets skills

  • Expert in PowerBI developing robust reporting and actionable output

To apply for the Marketing Operations Analyst
please submit your resume to

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