Market Research: Stabil Drill

Stabil Drill wanted to launch a new, advanced eccentric reamer the right way. And that meant drilling down on the real-world value prop.

The Task

Stabil Drill provides BHA rentals, technical services, manufacturing and repairs. The company has a 30-year legacy, having moved into new services over the years, and even developing its own products—such as a new Eccentric Reamer it wanted to launch. But first the company needed solid market research on which it could build the next phase of its brand, marketing and product marketing efforts.

The Answer

Unleaded performed more than a dozen interviews with Stabil Drill leaders, customers and partners. These revealed a number of insights that would inform the company’s new marketing strategy. One customer insight would prove critical in building the case for its new Eccentric Reamer: the realization that customers would save considerable time and money on the trip out because of improved well geometry achieved during the combined drill-and-ream run.

The Outcome

The interviews gave Unleaded critical insights needed to guide the client’s brand and marketing evolution. The insight about the trip out helped build a case for the tool saving two days and $100k from customer drill plans, rather than 1 day and $50,000. And other insights enabled development of a positioning strategy, value proposition and multiple creative strategies for the brand and new eccentric reamer.

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