Corporate Branding

To help the world’s leading integrated energy services company roll up its 11 best-in-class divisions into one cohesive brand, we brought out the big guns.

The Task

For 85 years, Shawcor has provided innovative solutions to protect the assets of oil and gas operators worldwide—but as a parent company, their name was virtually unknown. Shawcor needed to be perceived as a valuable, trusted partner, as well as ensure customers understand how each division fits within the new brand structure of five groups.

The Answer

To present Shawcor as a world-class, turnkey brand, we developed a cohesive brand image centered on a consistent, compelling value prop of end-to-end operational integrity protection. Look and feel included soaring photography, an earthy metallic color scheme denoting a premium industrial brand, and informative copy in a problem/solution format with proof points.

The Outcome

Reach and frequency paid off. Customers gained a deep understanding of the value Shawcor and its groups bring to every aspect of the oil and gas operation. At two tradeshows, customers were so impressed with their integrated capabilities and end-to-end offerings, sizable sales were made on the spot—generating major revenue and trust for a new brand.

The Video

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