“Don't Panic” Direct Mailer

Planned shutdown? Tioga can get anything a chemical plant needs at a moment’s notice—but first, they need to be aware.

  • Client


  • Deliverables

    “Don’t Panic” direct mailer box, including:
    A coffee mug for the long day ahead
    A paper bag to breathe into
    Deodorant to avoid sweating the details
    Step-by-step instructions for remedying any emergency situation

  • Awards

    Lantern Award for Dimensional Direct Mailer

The Task

Tioga is a leading global supplier of mission-critical pipe, tubing, fittings and more, as well as an expert in sourcing and delivering quickly and on schedule. These qualities make them ideal for supplying any forgotten or broken parts in emergency situations—such as a planned chemical plant shutdown.

The Answer

Our efforts had to be impactful enough to be remembered whenever a shutdown might occur—even if it was months later. The solution? The bigger and more relevant, the better. Prospects received a large branded box labeled “Don’t Panic” with carefully chosen items to support them in case of emergency, as well as an info card to share their next plant shutdown date.

The Outcome

In addition to being a memorable hit for the client, a direct sale of about $125K was made soon after, with the customer specifically referring to the Don’t Panic box. With campaign costs of $18K, that makes for a 6X ROI.